Zcash Developers Announced Successful …

Zcash Developers Announced Successful …

Zcash Developers Announced Successful Activation Of Sapling Update

The planned update of the blockchain of the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash was successfully activated on October 28th. Cryptocurrency developers wrote about this in their blog.

Sapling was activated at block 419200. The update includes a new type of protected addresses, which will significantly increase the performance of the entire system: the time to build transactions will be reduced by 90%, and the amount of memory used – by more than 97%.

“The activation of Sapling, which took place at a historic moment in the second anniversary of the cryptocurrency, takes us one step closer to the widespread adoption of an open, censorship-resistant and private payment system,” the message says..

Immediately after activation, users of the zcashd client have access to a new type of address. Currently, users cannot transfer their assets from old-style secure addresses to new Sapling addresses without disclosing the amount of the transaction. This opens up opportunities for auditing transactions in the ZEC blockchain..

The developers are working on creating a tool that will automate the process of transferring funds with the least damage to user privacy. They also recommend waiting for the release of the tool if users can afford it..

Zcash Developers Announced Successful ...

In addition, the main developer of Zcash, Zuko Wilcox, announced changes to the structure of cryptocurrency mining, which “will not be introduced in the near future and will be announced in advance.” The update is expected to be activated next fall. It will allow “to preserve and improve the security and stability of the network”, to protect it from 51% attacks, as well as to expand the number of users who can earn ZEC by mining.

“We will work out and publish additional details soon. We are now focused on the safe and stable launch of Sapling, the largest update in Zcash history, ”writes Wilcox. “I just wanted to notify everyone that we are not going to leave mining as it is throughout 2019. We intend to make changes to mining and start implementing them towards the end of next year “.

Zcash Developers Announced Successful ...

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