founder: I don’t work for … founder: I don’t work for … founder: I do not work for speculators who are not ready to wait for the release of my products

The founder of the DeFi project, André Cronier, today published a detailed explanation of his position regarding testing the products he develops “in an operational environment”, that is, on the main Ethereum network. Cronje regrets that many users misinterpret his words and become victims of their own delusions, subsequently blaming him.

“I use this statement to keep people alert. It aims to prevent my systems from being used without research. It does not mean that I do not test my products, “he wrote..

The developer explained that his approach to creating new services involves six phases, including local testing, simulating the Ethereum mainnet, and integration testing. Only in the last step is “production deployment” carried out, when user interfaces are launched and accompanying documentation is published.

“On the mainnet, I found issues that could never be found locally. At the same time, local errors cannot always be reproduced on the main network, ”explains the developer.

Not long before that, Cronje had started testing his new project, Liquidity Income (LBI). Users quickly discovered the corresponding token and started trading it on the Uniswap exchange, first raising the price and then crashing it.. founder: I don't work for ...

“People were buying up LBI on Uniswap, raising the price. An intelligent user who knows how the system works should never do that. The collapse of the exchange rate led to the fact that the LBI began to be viewed as a “failed” project, “he added..

Cronje continues to work on the LBI and expects it to form the basis for “a much larger product that will become part of the yearn brand.” He also mentioned the Eminence.Finance (EMN) project, in which investors contributed $ 15 million, after which their assets were withdrawn by attackers. According to Cronier, this happened at the fifth stage, that is, during the integration testing, when the interaction of the contract with the mechanisms of the main network is checked..

“If people just wait for me to actually launch the product, everything will be fine. I do not create for speculators. I prefer to quickly go through the prototyping stage and will continue to do so, “said the developer. founder: I don't work for ... founder: I don't work for ...

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