Walmart is exploring the possibility of using blockchain …

Walmart is exploring the possibility of using blockchain …

Walmart is exploring the possibility of using blockchain for communication between delivery drones

Walmart’s recent patent filings suggest that the retail giant is exploring the potential for practical applications of blockchain technology, the most recent of which involves its use in automated delivery drones. Writes about this CoinDesk.

The application, published on August 30, describes a system in which “autonomous electronic devices” communicate with each other wirelessly, as well as transfer objects to be transported to each other after going through an identification process..

After one drone moves to the place where the other drone is, they exchange authentication signals using the “blockchain keys”, after which the first robot transfers its cargo to the second, if it successfully recognizes the “colleague”. Drones will rely on a delivery database stored on the company’s blockchain for their work..

According to the patent application, robots transmit signals to each other during the identification process, for which they can use a variety of means, including RFID codes, QR codes or ultrasound..
In addition, each robot can be assigned unique characteristics to make it easier for other drones to identify..

Walmart is exploring the possibility of using blockchain ...

Also, according to the application, the use of automated technology is seen as a way to reduce the time to ensure “trust” in this type of delivery. According to Walmart, the need for consumers to essentially have confidence that their goods will be delivered by flying machines “raises a number of security concerns” and requires a reliable drone identification system..

The blockchain system described in the application consists of “a multitude of nodes configured to generate computational proof of data integrity and chronological order of use of content, trades and / or exchange currency in the P2P network”, and at the same time, “each node works over finding complex PoW for your block. ” Smart contracts can also be embedded in this system, according to Walmart..

Walmart is actively working on various practical applications of blockchain for its business. In particular, the company recently filed patent applications for the use of blockchain in smart home appliance management and delivery control..

Walmart is exploring the possibility of using blockchain ...

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