Vitalik Buterin urged to annul the patent …

Vitalik Buterin urged to annul the patent …

Vitalik Buterin urged to revoke the patent for “invention in the field of digital security” by nChain

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin openly criticized the latest patent of research company nChain and called for it to be annulled in court. Writes about this Bitcoinist.

The company nChain, whose chief scientist Craig Wright previously stated that he is the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, while actively promoting the altcoin Bitcoin Cash, received the latest patent in Europe for “invention in the field of digital security”.

“The technique of deterministic key generation allows for increased security between a pair of nodes or network members, while at the same time keeping private keys secret,” – said in a press release published on June 25.

nChain is trying to create a set of tools on the blockchain to make cross-border transfers through the so-called “Internet transactions”.

Wright’s company continues to gain attention due to controversial marketing decisions. At a conference in Rwanda last month, Wright told the audience that “he has more money than their entire country.”.

Commenting on the latest nChain patent, Buterin noted that the invention described in it does not contain innovations. “They seem to be trying to patent the regular old deterministic public key wallets that we used in 2013,” he tweeted. “Could someone sue them, pointing out obvious similarities to an old invention as evidence?”

Vitalik Buterin urged to revoke the patent ...

Buterin has repeatedly accused Wright of fraud in the past..

Describing the possibilities for applying the presented invention, Jimmy Nguyen, CEO of nChain, noted that their technology was recognized by the Japanese technology conglomerate SBI..

“We will work with select partners to maximize the value of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem,” he said, adding that SBI and nChain “are collaborating to develop an advanced and secure next generation cryptocurrency wallet system.”.

Vitalik Buterin urged to annul the patent ...

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