TRX falls by 5%, while Justin …

TRX falls by 5%, while Justin …

TRX Price Falls 5% While Justin Sun Promotes An Outright Pyramid

This Monday, Twitter followers of TRON CEO Justin Sun can watch an endless stream of messages regarding the new game on the Just.Game blockchain. Sun himself claims to be “the greatest moment in the history of the decentralized application industry.” But what really hides under the guise of the latest entertainment from the schilling guru?

Its organizers, known for projects such as Fomo3D and Exitscam Me, which happily ended their existence along with the depletion of the flow of investors, is described as “a self-decentralizing organization creating a game on the TRON blockchain.” As in the case with the recently described HEX scheme, the creators of Just.Game in every possible way deny responsibility for their offspring, and you won’t ask anything from a smart contract.

Without going into details, the essence of the game boils down to investing in TRX and attracting new participants to it, due to their investments, the potential balance of those who managed to enter earlier is growing. An additional gambling element is designed to keep users in the scheme for as long as possible. All this could not but generate a wave of accusations against Sana regarding advertising an outright financial pyramid, which Just.Game or, as it has already been nicknamed, “Just.Ponzi” in fact is.

As part of promoting Just.Game, Sun hosted a live stream on Periscope, during which he personally invested about 125 million TRX ($ 1.75 million), but was hardly able to attract even one positive comment..

“You don’t even warn investors about the high degree of risk this game is associated with? And that they might not see their money at all? You disgraced yourself and TRON today. I supported the project for a long time, but today I sold 50% of TRX, ”one of the commentators writes..

TRX drops by 5%, while Justin ...

“Don’t make money on Wink anymore … Need new themes … Now you have this website, and then you will launch a security token for private transactions, which will need to be purchased separately,” adds another.

It is worth noting that Sana’s vigorous activity really helped to draw attention to the scheme – within a few hours from the moment of launch, it came out on top in terms of activity in the DappReview rating, where it is adjacent to other projects of this kind, a significant part of which is also based on TRON.

TRX, meanwhile, is dropping by 5%, clearly hinting that most of the participants interested in Just.Game took care of buying cryptocurrency in advance.

TRX falls by 5%, while Justin ...

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