To clean up cryptocurrency scammers in …

To clean up cryptocurrency scammers in …

Cryptocurrency scammers on Twitter hit the Kraken exchange and others

Twitter has finally taken up the fight against cryptocurrency scammers on its social network, blocking several legitimate accounts in the process. Writes about this CoinDesk.

Responding to a tweet from Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote, “We’re doing this.” Among other blocked accounts was the official Kraken support service, which warned users about just such fraudulent schemes. “Now you’re on your own,” writes Kraken.

Brooke Muller’s account, also known as bitcoinmom, was blocked along with the others. Twitter applied the so-called shadow blocking to her account, hiding its contents from other users, while not warning the owner of the account about what was happening.

“People started texting me that they didn’t see my tweets. The message “Tweet not available” appeared. Others said they don’t get alerts when I post a tweet. However, Twitter itself did not report anything. Some kind of nonsense is happening with accounts related to cryptocurrencies. A bunch of permanent bans and freezes, ”explains Muller.

Several Twitter users using and promoting Ripple XRP have also reported that their accounts have been shadow blocked.

To clean up cryptocurrency scammers in ...

Kraken and Muller accounts were unlocked by the time of publication.

The problem of cryptocurrency fraud on Twitter has gained relevance lately. Attackers create copies of the accounts of popular figures and services in the community, after which they offer users to take part in the distribution of cryptocurrency, for which they need to send a certain number of coins to the specified address.

To make the offer more convincing, the scammers started using verified accounts. In most cases, they provide shortcuts to wallets. It is likely that the Twitter filter responds to them, accepting such links along with certain message content as a sign of fraud..

To clean up cryptocurrency scammers in ...

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