The Lightning Network has outpaced Bitcoin …

The Lightning Network has outpaced Bitcoin …

Lightning Network surpasses Bitcoin Cash in number of nodes

Although Lightning Network technology is still in its early stages of development, the number of active nodes in its network has already exceeded that of Bitcoin Cash..

This Tuesday, the number of Lightning Network nodes was 1,349, while Bitcoin Cash had 1,286. In mid-January, the Lightning Network had only 29 nodes..

The number of Lightning Network nodes differs depending on the source. According to the site, at the time of publication there are 1,349, and the portal reports 1,364 nodes.

The growth in the number of Lightning Network nodes speaks not only of the spread of technology, but also of a decrease in the degree of centralization of its network..

As the popular Twitter commentator WhalePanda notes, most of the Bitcoin Cash nodes are located on Alibaba’s cloud servers in Hangzhou, that is, the majority of the computing power of this cryptocurrency is centralized in China..

Although progress in the development of the Lightning Network is obvious, the developers of the technology still have a lot to do before we can talk about its full release..

A few weeks ago, Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd warned that the Lightning Network is still vulnerable to DoS attacks. Last week, another developer, Alex Bosworth, reported that the network is indeed undergoing such attacks, but no additional vulnerabilities were identified in the process..

The Lightning Network has outpaced Bitcoin ...

Early project issues didn’t stop startup Lightning Labs from raising $ 2.5 million in funding backed by investors such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee..

However, Todd states that despite the official beta status, the product behaves like an alpha version when it comes to using it with real money..

Last week, BitMEX researchers reported that lagging behind the Lightning Network is not the only problem that Bitcoin Cash has had to face lately. According to their calculations, the number of transactions using the SegWit technology in the Bitcoin network significantly exceeded the total number of transactions in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain..

Lightning Network overtook Bitcoin ...

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