TenX Experienced 400% Rise on BithumbToken …

TenX Experienced 400% Rise on BithumbToken …

TenX Experienced 400% Rise On Bithumb

The token of the TenX cryptocurrency project, which for a long time did not stand out against the background of other digital assets, experienced a rise of 400% on the South Korean exchange Bithumb, subsequently gaining about $ 3. Writes about it Trustnodes.

An extremely sharp jump in price forced CoinMarketCap to exclude Bithumb data, which is strikingly different from the performance of even Korean sites, when calculating the weighted average price of an asset.

TenX co-founder Julian Hospe attributed this market behavior to the lack of liquidity on Bithumb. The exchange has disabled the ability to deposit and withdraw funds during the investigation of a recent hack, but trading on the site continues.

“Imagine what Comit will do to prices and industries around the world when markets are suddenly super liquid and barriers to trust are removed,” writes Hosp.

Comit is a protocol for atomic swaps that allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies with each other. It is being developed by the TenX team, who recently presented a proof of concept for their technology..

However, the pump on Bithumb was not preceded by this, but a cryptic tweet posted by Hosp on Friday:

Binary-to-decimal translation of Hosp’s message and further searches led some to believe TenX could have obtained a banking license..

TenX Experienced 400% Rise on BithumbToken ...

The screenshot below shows the Berlin Bank Identification Number (BIN). Thus, as noted by Trustnodes, the Hosp’s message may not necessarily indicate the issuance of a banking license, but about the startup’s getting the opportunity to issue additional payment cards..

TenX held its ICO last year and raised 200,000 ETH, then valued at $ 67 million, to develop a payment card that would allow users to pay for purchases in cryptocurrencies and instantly convert them into dollars..

The latest takeoff of the TenX exchange rate raised its capitalization to $ 95 million, which could not but rejoice investors who had previously expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the project management did not spoil them with announcements..

“When a team is silent for a while, it can start releasing one thing after another at a fairly rapid pace,” – replied Hosp..

TenX Experienced 400% Rise on BithumbToken ...
TenX Experienced 400% Rise on BithumbToken ...

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