Self-styled Leonardo da Vinci uploaded “Mona …

Self-styled Leonardo da Vinci uploaded “Mona …

Self-styled Leonardo da Vinci uploaded “Mona Lisa” to the blockchain

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd has defended blockchain startup Verisart after another developer said it attributed the service to Mona Lisa. Writes about this Bitcoinist.

In a Twitter discussion, Todd stated that Terence Eden, currently developing the UK Government’s Open Standards for Digital Services, “misinterpreted what Verisart is” after the company uploaded the famous painting onto the blockchain, listing Eden as its creator..

Verisart entered the market in 2015 and describes itself as “using blockchain to combine transparency, anonymity and security to protect the rights of art creators.”.

“Verisart is a tool for collecting and assigning timestamps as proofs, not an authoritative blockchain. His statement about the Mona Lisa is clearly an unsubstantiated hoax, “Todd wrote..

Eden posted information about his experiment with Verisart on a blog on June 12th. According to him, the service demanded only an email address and a photo of “Mona Lisa” from “Wikipedia” as proof that he is the author of the work..

Self-styled Leonardo da Vinci uploaded “Mona ...

“I don’t understand what the hype around blockchain is connected with,” the developer wrote on Twitter. “The startup has certified my work of art and placed the confirmation on the bitcoin blockchain. Now gallery owners and auctioneers don’t have to worry about the fact that I painted this picture. One little problem … I’m not Leonardo da Vinci! “

Criticizing this statement, Todd stated that the value of the Verisart blockchain does not lie in what Eden writes about. “Verisart technology, in particular open timestamps, does not allow retroactive evidence. If he tried to falsify the evidence, then everyone would see that it was created recently, and this would raise suspicion, “wrote Todd. “It’s just a guarantee of significant improvements in the status quo.”.

Self-styled Leonardo da Vinci uploaded “Mona ...

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