Research: Ethereum is the most active …

Research: Ethereum is the most active …

Research: Ethereum is the most active cryptocurrency by the number of developers

Ethereum is the most active cryptocurrency in terms of the number of developers, according to a new report from the digital asset management company Electric Capital.

The authors of the report examined over 20,000 repositories and 16 million individual code changes, thus finding that, on average, 216 developers participate in the work on the code in the Ethereum repositories per month..

Bitcoin also has reliable support from specialists – on average over 50 people participate in improving its code every month. Third-party projects of ecosystem participants were not taken into account when calculating this data.

If we exclude any repositories other than the root one, then Ethereum will again be in first place with 99 developers, and Bitcoin – in second with 47. In addition, EOS, Tron, Cardano turned out to be quite active – more than 25 people monthly offer changes at the basic level for them.

It is also noteworthy that along with a decline in the cryptocurrency market by 80%, the number of active developers decreased by only 4%. In addition, in 2 years the number of developers contributing to the development of cryptocurrency repositories has doubled. According to Electric Capital, over 4,000 people are currently writing code for over 2,800 cryptocurrency projects. These statistics do not take into account projects that are closed in nature, non-launched cryptocurrencies, and platforms that do not have their own assets, such as the Lightning Network..

Research: Ethereum is the most active ...

“A lot of projects abandoned by developers are forks of more valuable coins,” the authors of the report note. For example, Dogecoin creators have not been active for several months, and the number of developers working on Litecoin has decreased from 40 to 3 per month..

Change in the number of active developers of leading crypto projects over time

Ethereum, whose capitalization is 5 times lower than that of bitcoin, has 8 times more proposals for changing the code. XRP periodically competes with Ethereum for the title of the second largest cryptocurrency, but has 20 times fewer changes in its repository. In general, the study showed an increased interest of developers in projects that provide infrastructure for working with smart contracts..

Research: Ethereum is the most active ...

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