OKCoin’s 1,000 Distribution Initiative …

OKCoin’s 1,000 Distribution Initiative …

OKCoin’s initiative to distribute 1,000 BTC to developers attracted 0.94 BTC votes

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin announced the end of the program to support the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and forks, the launch of which was announced in early September.

According to the original plan, OKCoin was to distribute up to 1,000 BTC among the developers of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV based on the votes of users who meet the conditions for the minimum deposit size. One vote corresponded to 0.02 BTC, transferred by the exchange from its own reserves in favor of the developers of one of the camps.

Summing up, OKCoin writes that a total of 47 votes were cast by users for a total of 0.94 BTC. Bitcoin developers got 31 votes, and BCH and BSV – 8 each.

Despite the positive attitude towards the charity initiative in general, a number of supporters of the leading cryptocurrency refused to support OKCoin, expressing dissatisfaction with the presence of BCH and BSV on the list..

In a conversation with TTRCoin, developer Ben Woosley, who represented the Bitcoin side in the program, said that he knew that OKCoin was going to support other cryptocurrencies, but did not see the materials in which all three of them are presented as equivalent alternatives..

“I’m not happy with this positioning, but each of us has our own outlook on life, and I hope this initiative will encourage bitcoin enthusiasts to organize their own events to fund the development of the Core version,” he said. – I’m not afraid of BSV or BCC, because I believe that BTC is clearly superior in its metrics. History is a long arc, but it leans towards the truth “.

OKCoin's 1,000 Distribution Initiative ...

OKCoin, for its part, announced that it sought to have a meaningful impact on the development of these projects and to introduce them to the wider community..

“We heard those of you who refused to participate and expressed outrage. We understand that we could have caused certain difficulties and mixed feelings. We believe that we have learned a positive lesson and will take it into account in the future, ”she writes..

Taking into account the low level of user participation, the exchange decided to allocate 20 BTC, which will be distributed among the developers of the three cryptocurrencies in proportion to the number of votes cast for them..

OKCoin's 1,000 Distribution Initiative ...
OKCoin's 1,000 Distribution Initiative ...

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