NEO developers have presented three elements …

NEO developers have presented three elements …

NEO Developers Unveiled Three Elements Of An Updated Version Of Their Blockchain Platform

From September 2 to 6, the first NEO Community Assembly (NCA) conference was held in China, where three products were presented that are elements of the upcoming NEO 3.0 protocol update: NEO • ONE, the NeoFS distributed file system and the NEO Blockchain Toolkit. Writes about this local portal 8btc.

The events also attracted leading representatives of the Chinese blockchain community including Ontology, VeChain, PlatON, Bytom, Conflux and TomoChain. The key topics of discussion were the future of the blockchain space in China, relations with regulators and ways of closer interaction in the future..

As 8btc notes, NEO 3.0 aims to attract large enterprises to the use of technology by increasing its reliability, throughput and adapting to working with big data. NEO 3.0 will be released over a period of several months until all the required elements are presented. The products released last week are intended to empower developers who will innovate on blockchain for enterprise use..

NEO • ONE is a highly available all-encompassing framework for easy and optimized coding, testing, and running decentralized applications using NeoFS as a decentralized storage system.

NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET and NEO Express is an extension through which developers will be able to access a comprehensive set of smart contract creation tools from under Microsoft Visual Studio. The solution is focused on reducing the barrier to entry for 21 million and 7 million developers who monthly work with .NET and Visual Studio, respectively.

NEO developers have presented three elements ...

Currently, NEO cannot boast of increased user attention to its tools. The project developers promise to implement a “smart” economy (digital assets + digital identity + smart contracts), support for multiple programming languages ​​and high throughput at the blockchain level, among other things, but putting NEO 3.0 into operation, if everything goes well, may require about 2-3 more years of development, 8btc notes.

Earlier it was reported that work on the new blockchain will be completed by the second quarter of 2020.

NEO developers have presented three elements ...

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