Mining pool F2Pool dropped support …

Mining pool F2Pool dropped support …

F2Pool mining pool dropped support for Segwit2x

Chinese mining pool F2Pool is no longer in favor of the controversial Segwit2x scaling agreement. Writes about this CoinDesk.

While the proposal has garnered the support of many large Bitcoin companies and most mining pools, many continue to question the feasibility of increasing Bitcoin throughput through a hard fork, a mechanism by which a cryptocurrency can split into multiple blockchains. The developers are already hotly discussing the details of the hard fork, although it is still more than two months before it.

Initially, F2Pool signed the agreement, however, now its operator Wong Chun has joined the enemy camp.

He responded to CoinDesk’s request: “No, I don’t support the Segwit2x hard fork.”.

Chun added that F2Pool did not use the Segwit2x BTC1 software in the first part of the agreement when mining pools joined forces to activate the highly anticipated Segregated Witness (SegWit) solution..

Segwit2x representatives have not yet announced whether F2Pool has informed them that it has changed its position..

Although F2Pool ditched Segwit2x, other pools are set up strongly.

“We are strong supporters of the New York Agreement (Segwit2X). We support the scaling of bitcoin and approach this issue responsibly, “said BTCC CEO Bobby Lee.

Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov shares this view: “The initial agreement on SegWit2x has not changed.”.

Mining pool F2Pool dropped support ...

The large mining pool Slush Pool, which did not initially sign the agreement, has not yet decided. Marek Palatinus, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiLabs, which owns Slush Pool, said they were confused by the need for a hard fork..

The question of the meaning and amount of support for mining pools has been discussed for a long time. Some developers argue that users shouldn’t follow mining pools. Mining pools themselves choose the most profitable chain. This is usually the chain with the largest number of users.

Bitcoin Cash emerged from the August 1st hard fork and is an interesting subject to explore. The ViaBTC pool played a key role in its creation, while the other pools mine BCH solely for the sake of income, but at the same time it successfully exists.

However, the conventional wisdom is that Segwit2x cannot do without miner support. Now about 85% of the hashpower supports the solution (without F2Pool and Slush Pool), which leads many to believe that Segwit2x will be the right solution for Bitcoin.

Mining pool F2Pool dropped support ...

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