Issuer’s Cryptocurrency Debit Cards …

Issuer’s Cryptocurrency Debit Cards …

WaveCrest Cryptocurrency Debit Cards Canceled At Visa Request

Major cryptocurrency debit card operators such as Wirex, TenX and Bitwala have reported that all Visa cards they serve are being promptly canceled due to a message received from issuer WaveCrest.

One Reddit user reports that he received an email from the WaveCrest issuer itself.

“We, WaveCrest, are the issuer of prepaid Visa cards, one of which you applied for through our partner. Visa has sent us an instruction according to which we must immediately close all prepaid Visa cards.

You still have a prepaid Visa card that will no longer work. However, since your funds are stored in an electronic wallet, you will be able to access them through your operator, “he cites the company’s message..

Not all operators whose maps have been issued by WaveCrest have posted relevant announcements up to this point, but numerous social media posts indicate the magnitude of the problem..

“Xapo in EUR no longer works,” one Twitter user writes.

Another adds: “Almost all prepaid crypto cards were immediately blocked by Visa this night due to the WaveCrest issue. VISA TenX, Wirex, Xapo, Bitwala, Cryptopay cards no longer work “.

Issuer's Cryptocurrency Debit Cards ...

Operator Bitwala has confirmed this information.

In the comments, one of the users writes: “My [card] stopped working, I need money, I’m on vacation, and my hotel just canceled my reservation because of this.”.

Another adds: “I am stuck abroad with no money. What to do?”

Information about blocking cards from other issuers has not yet been reported. Wirexapp announced that it intends to reissue the cards to its customers for free through another company. Probably, other operators will follow this path, unless, of course, the Visa ban does not affect other issuers.

Issuer's Cryptocurrency Debit Cards ...

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