IOTA Reveals Plans To Improve Privacy …

IOTA Reveals Plans To Improve Privacy …

IOTA Reveals Plans To Improve Privacy And Productivity In New Roadmap

The developers of the IOTA project, combining distributed ledger technology with the Internet of Things, have presented their new roadmap, which outlined the changes that await their ecosystem in the first half of next year and beyond..

“We are delighted to reveal the following key points in the evolution of the IOTA protocol, a set of significant enhancements to the mainnet, all of which will be implemented prior to Coordicide. These updates will dramatically improve the scalability of our core network and make IOTA-based development much more convenient, ”the publication says..

In particular, additional signature schemes will be integrated into IOTA, which will allow reusing existing addresses and increasing the volume of transaction values ​​processed by nodes. This allows developers to choose the scheme that they deem most preferable in each case..

Nodes will learn to automatically connect to their neighbors to exchange information about the state of the network. Previously, users had to search for nodes on their own, and additional functionality was not involved in the main network.

In addition, the development of client software will continue in order to increase the availability of nodes and the level of decentralization of the network..

To solve privacy problems, the developers intend to integrate an improved version of Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) technology, which will allow devices of any size to create and connect to encrypted data channels.

IOTA Reveals Plans To Improve Privacy ...

The main IOTA Trinity wallet will also change. For example, users will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly in their wallet through the MoonPay service. There will also be a release of the experimental Spark web wallet with temporary addresses, which users should use to work with only small amounts..

Throughout the year, work will continue on the recently announced massive Unified Identity Protocol project, which, according to the developers’ plan, will lay the foundations for trusted interaction in the Internet and the economy of things..

IOTA is currently the 23rd largest asset in the market with a capitalization of $ 436 million.

IOTA Reveals Plans To Improve Privacy ...
IOTA Reveals Plans to Improve Privacy ...

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