In Malaysia, a gang arrested for stealing …

In Malaysia, a gang arrested for stealing …

Malaysia arrested a gang stealing Bitcoin mining equipment

People who decide to enter the world of cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming victims of criminals. For example, a common case has become a situation in which a person buying or selling virtual currency is robbed on the spot. Now, apparently, it is worth starting to worry about the equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. Malaysian police recently arrested 9 people involved in organized theft of such equipment.

They recently received 5 separate allegations of theft of Bitcoin mining equipment, Malaysian police said. Thefts took place from 17 January to 16 February in the city of Serdang.

In total, 153 pieces of mining equipment and power supplies were stolen, with a total value of 1 million Malaysian ringgit (250 thousand USD).

The police took the issue of computer theft seriously. Megat Mohamed Aminuddin Megat Alias, Assistant Commissioner of the Serdang Police, said in this regard: “After receiving statements to investigate these thefts, a task force was created in the police, led by the head of the district’s criminal investigation department..

As a result, the police managed to catch the criminals when they tried to sell the stolen equipment on Facebook. In total, the police managed to return 57 pieces of computer equipment (including 28 power supplies). The total cost of the equipment found is about RM500,000 (USD 125,000).

After 6 raids on Clan Valley (Selangor province) and Kuching (Sarawak province), the police arrested nine suspects. All of them are men between the ages of 20 and 40. The detainees have already confessed to their crimes.

In Malaysia, a gang arrested for stealing ...

Returned Bitcoin Mining Equipment

The police continue to search for the last suspect, who appears to be one of the key figures in this criminal group. Police have multiple pieces of evidence, including fingerprints taken at the crime scene.

Regarding the remaining equipment, Alias ​​said: “We have strongly asked everyone who bought this equipment over the Internet to contact the police as the investigation is still pending.”.

In Malaysia, a gang arrested for stealing ...

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