Google security expert recommended …

Google security expert recommended …

Google security expert advised crypto traders not to brag about their online success

Google’s leading security expert Mark Richer, in an interview with CNBC, warned cryptocurrency traders not to brag about their portfolios online..

Richer believes that by exposing their cryptocurrency assets, the user risks attracting the attention of cybercriminals and becoming another victim of cybercrime, in which digital currencies have increasingly appeared lately. Richer argues that many of these attacks, on closer inspection, lead to social media posts where the future victim talks about his condition..

“You may be mistaken for the wrong person. Or they may go out on a victim of little interest in order to then reach someone larger, perhaps of political weight. Or they may have noticed that you are discussing bitcoin in a public forum, ”said Richer..

He also warned that social media attackers are resorting to increasingly subtle tricks, scrutinizing their prey before coming into contact with it. “It might be a standard message like ‘Dear sir or madam, I am writing to you to ask for a favor,’ but the bottom line is that many attackers take their victims quite seriously,” he said..

Several popular YouTube bloggers reported this year that attackers are showing interest in their crypto assets. Decentralized TV presenter Peter Saddington commented on the situation: “This kind of thing must be handled very carefully if you broadcast on YouTube. When I first started out, I showed my trades. Then I learned that this should not be done. “.

Google security expert recommended ...

“We no longer have a bank to which we can complain:“ The bank, they took my money, give it back to me. ” No. We are no longer in the same economy. If you lose your bitcoins, it is 100 percent your mistake, “he added..

In April, popular blogger Yang Balina discovered during a stream that more than $ 2 million in cryptocurrency had been stolen from his wallet. According to Balina, the hacker used his old college inbox, which was tied to the main inbox, allowing access to other critical information..

Google security expert recommended ...

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