Ethereum developer arrested in the US …

Ethereum developer arrested in the US …

US arrested Ethereum developer who taught North Koreans to circumvent sanctions

Developer Virgil Griffith, who recently worked for the Ethereum Foundation, was arrested for allegedly spreading his crypto skills at a North Korean conference..

On Friday, the Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced that Griffith had been detained at Los Angeles airport on November 29.

“Despite receiving warnings not to do so, Griffith allegedly visited one of the United States’s main enemies, North Korea, where he taught the audience how to use blockchain to circumvent sanctions,” said Assistant National Security Attorney John Demers..

The prosecutor’s office claims that Griffith violated the provisions of the law “On economic powers in the event of emergencies created by external threats.” The publication says Griffith was scheduled to appear in Los Angeles on Friday..

In April, North Korea hosted a conference on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which Griffith allegedly attended, although permission was denied. To do this, he presumably chose a route through China..

“At a cryptocurrency conference in the DPRK, Griffith and other attendees discussed how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be used by the DPRK to launder money and circumvent sanctions, and how the DPRK can use these technologies to achieve independence from the global banking system.”.

Ethereum developer arrested in the US ...

The document does not give the names of specific cryptocurrencies, but it says that Griffith is a specialist in “cryptocurrency-1”. “After attending the DPRK cryptocurrency conference, Griffith began to formulate plans to exchange cryptocurrency-1 between the DPRK and South Korea,” the prosecutor’s office said..

During a conversation with an FBI agent on May 22, Griffith showed photos and documents from the meeting and stated that he wanted to attend the conference next year..

According to information on LinkedIn, Griffith has been with the Ethereum Foundation since October 2016 and is responsible for the organization’s special projects. According to the prosecutor’s office, the developer was interested in obtaining citizenship of another state. His place of residence is listed on his LinkedIn profile as Singapore. Recently, Griffith has been developing a certification mechanism for Ethereum in accordance with Islamic law..

Ethereum developer arrested in the US ...

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