Cryptocurrency holders fall prey to …

Cryptocurrency holders fall prey to …

Cryptocurrency holders fall prey to new phishing scheme on Facebook – Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab experts talked about a new phishing scheme aimed at cryptocurrency holders who follow their favorite projects on Facebook. As the authors of the message themselves note, this scheme is more sophisticated than the “good old spam mailings” with a security alert or an offer to take part in a survey, for which you are invited to follow the link with all the ensuing consequences.

As mentioned above, the new scheme is associated with the peculiarities of the functioning of the social network Facebook. An attacker creates a copy of a popular cryptocurrency community: it can be an exchange or a separate cryptocurrency with an address similar to the original.

Next, the scammer from his new page sends a notification to the subscribers of the original community, and he does this in a very intricate way.

“In order to address the victim directly, they share her profile picture on their page and tag the user in this post,” writes Kaspersky Lab.

The fact is that Facebook’s privacy settings do not allow prohibiting the distribution of a profile photo, which means that the notification is guaranteed to be received by all users of interest to the fraudster, with the exception of those who have disabled notifications from third parties.

This is where the originality of the method ends, and then the standard message is used that the lucky one allegedly won a nice amount in cryptocurrency, for which he is invited to click on the link, by clicking on which he will leave his data.

In the considered example, the fraudster on behalf of the Kucoin exchange offered to receive 20.72327239 WAVES tokens.

Cryptocurrency holders fall victim to ...


As usual, avoid dubious pages and use two-factor authentication to protect your accounts.

As a reminder, earlier Kaspersky Lab discovered a virus that deprived users of Bitcoin of $ 150,000.

Cryptocurrency holders fall victim to ...

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