Crypto bloggers complained about the deletion …

Crypto bloggers complained about the deletion …

Crypto bloggers have complained about the removal of their content from YouTube

Authors of at least six Western crypto channels on YouTube in recent hours have reported the removal of their content for violating the service’s policies. These include Chris Dunn, Chico Crypto, The Cryptoverse, Crypto Tips and BTC Sessions, with 210,000 to 31,500 subscribers..

Dunn claims YouTube has removed a significant chunk of recordings spanning two years of content production.

Chico Crypto writes, “YouTube has literally just deleted my video asking beauties if they’ve ever heard of Bitcoin. Yes, that’s right, “have they heard.” For “demonstrating dangerous actions or causing harm”. I think hearing about BTC is now considered dangerous. “.

Chris Koni of The Cryptoverse said he was among the victims: “They got me too. A letter fell in the mail today “.

Trader and analyst Ton Weiss commented, “Damn, my show is called Trading Bitcoin. I am sure I will also be included in this list “.

Crypto bloggers complained about the deletion ...

The creator of the Crypto Tips channel also joined in: “My channel has also suffered from this new wave of censorship. The joys of working with centralized entities within a tight framework “.

“I’m confused,” writes BTC Sessions. – YouTube labeled one of my beginner educational videos as “demonstrating dangerous behavior or harm.” This is just a video about wallets and places to use Bitcoin. Three more such strikes and the channel will be closed “.

In addition to speculations about a new stage in the censoring of cryptocurrency content, the distribution of which Google has previously limited in its services, there is another version. Chico Crypto has posted screenshots from Telegram in which a user under the nickname IamSamSmith states: “This is just the beginning of your collapse, Chico. You started a war that you cannot win. I, Sam Smith, will make you feel the same pain that you brought me “.

IamSamSmith calls himself “a fighter against racists and crooks in the creep.” Speaking to, he stated: “Of course, the ban of Chico Crypto is my work. Many of them are anti-Indian and promote hate speech “.

Crypto bloggers complained about the deletion ...
Crypto bloggers complained about the deletion ...

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