Confido ICO Investors May Receive Compensation In …

Confido ICO Investors May Receive Compensation In …

Confido ICO Investors May Receive Compensation

The history of the infamous startup Confido has taken an unexpected turn. Disconnected a week ago, the project’s website is again available for viewing, but this time its main page contains a letter from the Amsterdam law firm Jonkers Van Gemert.

Recall that the organizers of the Confido ICO successfully completed the ICO and even brought their token to the cryptocurrency exchanges, after which they reported some legal problems and disappeared.

It is difficult to say whether the letter presented on the Confido website is original at the moment. It is written in a professional language and has other attributes of official documentation, but at the same time, its content raises new questions.

According to the text, based on the results of the ICO, the developers decided that further development of the Confido project is impossible. This statement may indicate that initially the refusal of their obligations was considered by the members of the Confido team as one of the priority development scenarios after the completion of the ICO. This is evidenced by the extremely dubious line of behavior that the developers chose after reporting legal problems..

The legal company explains the disconnection of the website and the deletion of pages on Confido social networks by the fact that threats have begun to arrive at the project organizer. This fact is also not surprising, since few investors were satisfied with this development of events..

Confido ICO Investors May Receive Compensation In ...

Finally, Jonkers Van Gemert reports that most of the investor funds have not been spent. The money is now in a trust fund account. In the coming days, the client of the law firm is going to start preparing for compensation of losses of investors.

At that time, the process of compensation for damage by the Confido startup itself only raises new questions, the Hong Kong exchange KuCoin promised its clients with positive balances in CFD accounts to pay 0.0000038 BTC (about 3.5 cents at the current exchange rate) for each token of the scandalous startup. KuCoin says it made this decision after several unsuccessful attempts to contact the project team. How the announcement published on Confido’s website will affect the plans of the exchange is still unknown..

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Confido ICO Investors May Receive Compensation In ...

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