Coinbase Unveils Response Plan To …

Coinbase Unveils Response Plan To …

Coinbase Unveils Coronavirus Response Plan

The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has revealed a plan to protect employees in the event of a “truly negative” development of the coronavirus epidemic. This topic has not left the headlines of the leading news agencies over the past two months..

“We expect the weighted mortality rate (after including low-severity cases) to decline significantly, and to be limited in the West,” writes Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

Coinbase has offices in Ireland, UK, USA and Japan. The company is preparing to respond to four stages of the spread of the virus. Currently, all of its offices are in the zero risk zone, with the exception of the Japanese, which was assigned the first level..

“We have formed a crisis management team that continually learns new information as it becomes available,” explains Armstrong..

If 100 cases of infection are recorded in the area of ​​one of the Coinbase offices, the exchange will ask employees to work from home, strengthen the cleaning program and purchase protective masks. If there are more than 1,000 such cases, Coinbase will ban eating in the office and stop accepting visitors or check their health. After 5,000 cases, employees will be obliged to work from home.

“I expect that at this level, our ability to use third-party services such as cleaning, food delivery, etc. will begin to be disrupted. I also expect regional isolation of the affected areas to occur, ”adds Armstrong. “We estimate the current risk of coronavirus COVID-2019 for most employees as low and slightly increased for our team in Japan.”.

Coinbase Unveils Response Plan To ...

The company has so far refused to travel to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy and South Korea..

Also on Tuesday, Coinbase announced the addition of support for “short human-readable addresses” to its Coinbase Wallet through the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Such addresses resemble the URLs of sites familiar to Internet users..

“We believe this improvement will make cryptocurrencies much easier to handle and help spread them to a wider audience,” the company said..

Coinbase Unveils Response Plan To ...

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