BitMEX has interrupted trading amid falling …

BitMEX has interrupted trading amid falling …

BitMEX interrupted trading amid falling displayed price of bitcoin contract to $ 0

Crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX abruptly interrupted trading on Tuesday. This was noticed by a number of Twitter users..

BitMEX subsequently confirmed that there were problems. “The BitMEX trading engine is currently not operational. We are working on its restoration as soon as possible, “the company writes..

According to the information on the service status information page, the exchange continues to work on determining the source of the problem and, apparently, has not yet been able to start fixing it. The current status of the trading engine: “Major failure”.

Before the company completely hid the interface of its platform, its charts could see the price of the XBTUSD bitcoin swap falling to zero. It is unknown whether someone managed to open positions at a zero rate and whether this was the reason for stopping trading or whether it was a graphical interface bug..

Image: @BTC_JackSparrow

Bitcoin price on other exchanges remains stable at about $ 9,650. Before the disruptions on BitMEX, it was about $ 9,850.

BitMEX broke off trading amid falling ...

UPD 16:10 Moscow time: BitMEX writes: “We are working to restore the platform as soon as possible. All assets are safe, pending applications will be rejected. No liquidation will take place during the trading halt. Users will be given time to cancel applications after restoring the platform “.

UPD 16:26 Moscow time: Users can log into their accounts again.

BitMEX writes: “The BitMEX platform is back online. We will operate in a cancellation-only mode until 4:40 pm. During this time, you cannot place new orders, but you can cancel existing ones. Accepting withdrawal requests will begin shortly after trading resumes, probably at 18:00. No liquidations were made during the trading halt period “.

UPD 16:40 Moscow time: BitMEX resumed trading. The rate instantly dropped to $ 9,401, after which it immediately returned to $ 9,650. The volume of liquidations since the resumption of trading approached $ 10 million.

BitMEX has interrupted trading amid falling ...
BitMEX has interrupted trading amid falling ...

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