Bithumb has suspended withdrawals due to …

Bithumb has suspended withdrawals due to …

Bithumb Suspends Withdrawals Due To The Probable Theft Of 3M EOS And 20M XRP

This Saturday, the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb posted on Twitter a message about the suspension of deposit / withdrawal of funds.

On its website, without specifying the time zone, Bithumb writes that on March 29 at 22:15, “anomalous withdrawals of the company’s cryptocurrency were detected by the trading monitoring system.” The exchange also states that “since the system was triggered, it moved all cryptocurrency to a cold wallet and blocked the deposit / withdrawal service.”.

According to the publication, “the incident was related to the actions of insiders.” Bithumb is currently investigating with cybersecurity companies, cyber police and the South Korean Internet and Security Agency (KISA).

Davy Wan, partner at venture capital firm Primitive, claims that over 3 million EOS ($ 12.5 million) were withdrawn from the cold wallet Bithumb (note – she later added that it was probably a hot wallet). According to Wang, the private key from the Bithumb account on the EOS blockchain with the username “g4ydomrxhege” was stolen. She also lists exchanges and the estimated distribution of the stolen EOS across their accounts. Since the publication of Wang’s message, the remaining 1.9 million EOS have been withdrawn from the attacker’s wallet, so the distribution may have changed..

  • EXMO: 662 600 EOS
  • Huobi: 263 605 EOS
  • Bithumb suspended withdrawals due to ...
  • Changelly: 143 511 EOS
  • KuCoin: 96 270 EOS
  • CoinSwitch: 38,725 EOS

Scheme for moving funds from the attacker’s wallet

With reference to a message from one of the commentators, Wang writes that the XRP wallet Bithumb was also hacked, from which 20 million XRP ($ 6 million) were subsequently withdrawn.

This is not the first time Bithumb has been hacked. In June last year, the trading platform lost over $ 30 million as a result of a hacker attack, after which it was forced to restrict the ability to carry out deposit / withdrawal operations for several months and could not find a banking partner who would agree to process fiat transfers of its clients.

Bithumb suspended withdrawals due to ...

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