Bitfinex Leaves US Cryptocurrency Exchange …

Bitfinex Leaves US Cryptocurrency Exchange …

Bitfinex leaves the US

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has posted an announcement on its website that its service will become unavailable to US customers in the near future. “For the next 90 days, we will suspend access to our service for all existing individual US customers.”.

The exchange provided a list of reasons that prompted it to make this decision:

  • “We were able to normalize banking services for corporate and individual clients in some jurisdictions, however, the possibility of resolving this issue for US clients remains unrealistic. We are slowly and selectively inviting users from specific jurisdictions that meet certain criteria to use banking channels that have emerged on the web. This process continues.
  • An incredibly small portion of our income comes from verified individual accounts registered in the United States, while providing services for US citizens, including support, legal and regulatory issues, is an incomparably large amount of resources..
  • We expect the regulatory environment to become even more tense in the future.
  • Bitfinex is located outside the United States. US-based exchanges are in a better position to serve clients from that jurisdiction. “.

US customers will be gradually disconnected from the exchange. Already, they cannot trade ICO tokens issued on the basis of Ethereum, such as EOS and SAN. In addition, the exchange has stopped verifying the accounts of US customers..

Bitfinex Leaves US Cryptocurrency Exchange ...

“In the future, we will contact users who are subject to new restrictions. We intend to mitigate the inconvenience caused by the shutdown of Bitfinex in the US as much as possible. “.

The announcement came amid difficulties that the exchange had to face in the area of ​​customer banking. In addition, the exchange was unable to provide information on the financial audit in a timely manner, although it assures that it is preparing the relevant reports..

There has been suspicious activity on the exchange lately. We have already reported about the so-called “Spoofy” – a trader or a group of traders who, having a huge bankroll, manipulate the bitcoin rate to their advantage..

Recall that another cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex recently announced that it no longer provides its services to clients from Washington state..

Bitfinex Leaves US Cryptocurrency Exchange ...
Bitfinex Leaves US Cryptocurrency Exchange ...

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