BitConnect Promoters Continue Attracting …

BitConnect Promoters Continue Attracting …

BitConnect Promoters Continue Attracting Indonesian Investors

Despite the fact that BitConnect has shut down two of its main services, a group of dedicated promoters continue to promote the scheme among Indonesian investors via social media. Writes about this The Next Web.

“Don’t worry,” they write. “Dont be upset. BCC (BitConnect Coin) price will go up in a few months. So just keep your BCC in your wallet. “.

According to the portal, citing a source, BitConnect is promoted by a certain Mr. Santoso, whose name was included in the list of directors of the company. According to a BitConnect post in July, Santoso has been named the top promoter for the Indonesia region.

Previously, Santoso has repeatedly posted videos on YouTube, in which he talked about the benefits of BitConnect.

Despite the suspension of its main activities, BitConnect continues to raise money through the equally suspicious BitconnectX ICO and actively encourages investors to invest in it their remaining BCC coins..

BitConnect Promoters Continue Attracting ...

Although the BCC rate fell from an all-time high above $ 400 to $ 16 amid the latest news, the organizers of the scheme promise that their cryptocurrency will trade near the $ 150 level if the ICO is successful. As noted by, the depreciated BCC coins are now being used to artificially pump BitconnectX ICO (BCCX) tokens. The company currently values ​​BCCX at $ 50, although these tokens have all the chances to follow the path of the original coin.

What worries most is that people are willing to invest their money in this ICO, despite the fact that the company recently cheated them in the same way..

It is worth noting that the previous orders of the US authorities on the termination of BitConnect’s activities concerned only platforms for providing loans and exchanging coins, while ICO so far remains out of sight of regulators, although project investors also mentioned it in their complaints.

BitConnect Promoters Continue Attracting ...

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