Bitcoin has officially established a new historical …

Bitcoin has officially established a new historical …

Bitcoin officially sets new all-time highs on Binance, Bitstamp and Kraken

Bitcoin price this Monday, November 30, 2020, on several major trading platforms officially updated all-time highs recorded in December 2017.

On Bitstamp, the peak of $ 19,778 was reached at 5:51 pm ET. At 17:54 the price stepped over $ 19,800, after which it corrected to $ 19,650.

Also, the new maximum mark is listed on the Kraken exchange. At the same time, on Coinbase and Gemini, where the records were higher in 2017, the price has not yet managed to reach them. At the last update of the historical maximum, the rate will rise to exactly $ 20,000.

Bitcoin today paired with USDT on Binance hit $ 19,782 with an all-time high of $ 19,798. Bitcoin’s price against BUSD on Binance has already exceeded this value, but no such pair existed in 2017.

UPD 18:12 Moscow time: New high on Binance in the main BTC / USDT pair at $ 19,818.

It took three years to wait for today’s achievement.

“The significance of the new historic high in dollar terms cannot be overestimated. Many skeptics publicly rejected bitcoin because it could not reach its maximum, despite such favorable conditions in macroeconomics. This is further confirmation of the longevity of bitcoin, ”said Delphi Digital co-founder Kevin Kelly..

Bitcoin has officially established a new historical ...

Bitcoin growth since the beginning of the year is 167%. Relative to March lows, after a collapse of more than 50% in one day, the cryptocurrency added more than 400%.

“I don’t think people outside the industry were interested until we hit all-time highs,” Messari analyst Ryan Watkins said, adding that mass audience attention in 2020 was drawn to the coronavirus pandemic and the US presidential election..

According to the tracking service CoinGecko, Bitcoin today set a new all-time high at $ 19,692.34. CoinMarketCap considers a record value of $ 20,089, which bitcoin has yet to reach. Note that the data used by CoinMarketCap in this case is close to the only record of the BitMEX exchange..

“In general terms, institutional positions and wealthy individuals are leading this time. The bitcoins they buy are much more likely to be held for a long time and not immediately go back to exchanges, “said Jason Dean, an analyst at Quantum Economics..

Bitcoin has officially established a new historical ...
Bitcoin has officially established a new historical ...

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