Bitcoin developers urged to refuse …

Bitcoin developers urged to refuse …

Bitcoin developers urged to abandon GitHub due to possible transfer of Microsoft portal

Bitcoin Core developers were among the community members who reacted negatively to the news that Microsoft could buy the GitHub portal. Writes about this Bitcoinist.

The transfer of the company, which an anonymous source said is due to be announced this Monday, has led to numerous calls for withdrawal from activity in the bitcoin repository..

GitHub has previously stated that it will strive to remain independent, and even planned to go public in 2017. CEO and co-founder Chris Vanstras stepped down in August, and since then other GitHub executives have been unable to find a worthy replacement, Business Insider wrote on Friday, first reporting on possible changes..

Bitcoin developers have traditionally used the portal as a single medium where they could share code and thoughts. Predictably, the news of GitHub being taken over under corporate governance did not impress community members, who called for another place to be active..

“Yes,” Bitcoin Core developer Vladimir Van der Laan wrote on Twitter when asked if other developers should abandon GitHub for good. “No rush, but I think this is the beginning of a long and painful GitHub journey into oblivion, perhaps similar to the history of CodePlex.”.

“Let me explain: many Bitcoin Core developers have preferred self-hosted infrastructures in the past as a long-term solution. The latest news may or may not speed up this process, ”he added..

As an alternative, developers are considering an independent competing service GitLab, while the #movingtogitlab tag is starting to gain traction on the web..

Bitcoin developers urged to refuse ...

On Sunday, GitLab reported that the number of projects migrating to its platform has increased 10 times compared to the previous period..

“We are scaling our arsenal to keep up with demand,” wrote a GitLab spokesman, confirming the huge surge in activity caused by the influx of projects previously based on GitHub..

Bitcoin developers urged to refuse ...
Bitcoin developers urged to refuse ...

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