Artificial intelligence wrote white paper …

Artificial intelligence wrote white paper …

Artificial intelligence wrote a white paper after examining the documentation of 100 ICOs

The founder of the blockchain project Back to Earth, Clay Space, conducted an experiment by uploading 100 white papers of initial coin offerings (ICO) to the system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and giving her the task of writing her own documentation.

After studying 100 white papers, a system that previously did not contain information about cryptocurrencies or ICOs was able to create a document that largely repeats the structure of most white papers of full-fledged campaigns..

White paper, compiled by the Space system, has the following structure:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Problem identification;
  3. Token usage scenarios;
  4. Purchase of tokens;
  5. Use of funds;
  6. Artificial intelligence wrote white paper ...
  7. Team.

In the third section, which contains information on use cases for tokens, AI pointed out the following areas of application and benefits of blockchain: decentralization, immutability, staking, DAO, consensus, voting and governance..

The fourth part, dedicated to buying tokens, describes the usual process of conducting a public campaign and the structures used by most ICOs in the market..

“The campaign intends to raise $ 20 million in 25 days with a minimum cap of $ 40 trillion. If the minimum amount is not collected before the completion of the ICO, all money will be returned to the team. Investments can be transferred in bitcoins, but must always be transferred to Ethereum and from a wallet that belongs to you, ”wrote AI.

The fifth part, related to the use of funds, says: “80% of the funds will go to the development of the platform. 20% of the funds will be used to support the market. The final 35% of funds will be paid to the team, including used to cover travel plans. Tokens will be burned when the user joins Telegram and Slack channels and talks about the fire “.

The last part describes the project team and consultants: “We have a large team with over 40 years of experience in the blockchain industry. Vitalik Buterin was critical to the creation of Ethereum Classic and is advising our ICO “.

Commenting on the document received, Clay Space writes: “I present to you the new KYC white paper. I don’t know when the ICO will take place, but I am sure that it will be in great demand, especially given the amount of funds they are going to raise. Some parts had to be edited manually “.

Artificial intelligence wrote white paper ...

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