Anonymous launched protocol control contracts …

Anonymous launched protocol control contracts …

Anonymous Launches Curve Finance Protocol Management Contracts and CRV Token Distribution

Curve Finance’s DeFi protocol management contracts were launched by an anonymous community member ahead of schedule, developers said.

“Someone launched CRV on smart contracts that we published on GitHub ahead of our actions,” they wrote on Twitter. “Although initially we were skeptical, the launch was acceptable as it used the correct code, data, and admin keys. Due to the fact that the token / DAO is gaining momentum, we were forced to accept it “.

The alleged initiator of the procedure called on the developers to check the code in order to start distributing CRV tokens as soon as possible. His expenses were 19.9 ETH or $ 8,400.

The launch of the contract marked the transition of Curve Finance to CurveDAO’s decentralized governance mechanisms. Users will now be able to earn CRV tokens by providing liquidity to the protocol. Also, the tokens earned in the previous segment are subject to distribution, in accordance with the order of their blocking. In recent months, Curve has become one of the most popular protocols for decentralized exchange of tokens, collecting 20% ​​of the volume among all DEXs in June and July.

“The Curve team is pleased to announce the official launch of their own Curve Finance CRV token,” the developers wrote on Discord. – Curve DAO was launched by community members. The contracts were carefully verified by the team to ensure that the deployment process was followed correctly. “.

Anonymous launched protocol control contracts ...

A number of community members questioned the words of the developers. This is due to the fact that after the launch of the contracts, while they were being verified by the developers, someone participated in the CRV’s earnings, taking advantage of the lack of competition. According to the observations of The Block analyst Larry Chermak, thus, in fact, 80,000 CRV was pre-mined worth about $ 1.7 million at the current exchange rate..

The Poloniex exchange announced the opening of the CRV / USDT market a few minutes after the contracts were launched. Binance has started accepting deposits and intends to open trading in CRV / BNB, CRV / BTC, CRV / BUSD, CRV / USDT pairs tomorrow at 07:00 Moscow time.

After listing on Uniswap, Poloniex and OKEx, CRV is characterized by increased volatility and is trading at about $ 21 at the time of publication, having recently risen above $ 60.

Anonymous launched protocol control contracts ...

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