An ex-Kraken employee claims to have been …

An ex-Kraken employee claims to have been …

Ex-Kraken employee claims he was fired after revealing illegal exchange practices

A former Kraken employee sues the cryptocurrency exchange, accusing it of unjustified dismissal after he raised the question of the company’s questionable business practices.

Nathan Runyon, a former military with disabilities, intends to recover from the company compensation for harassment at work, discrimination and violation of contract terms. He also claims that there are a number of violations in the work of the exchange itself. The veracity of his statements has not yet been confirmed..

In March 2018, Runyon was hired as a financial analyst at Kraken. In his lawsuit, he writes that the financial director of the exchange Kaiser Ng ordered him to prepare information for auditing, without worrying about its reliability. In addition, according to him, he discovered that the vesting schedules of the option program had been secretly changed from what was indicated in the minutes of the meeting of the board of directors, but he was not allowed to correct the mistake..

Runyon claims that Kraken received illegal income from servicing firms that are sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. According to the lawsuit, he learned this information from the list of stock exchange income items provided to him. According to the plaintiff, he tried several times to draw the attention of the management to this problem, but all his requests were ignored..

On top of that, the plaintiff reports that one day Ng asked him to reconcile the balances of client and operating accounts. In the process, he allegedly discovered that the company’s accounts were in deficit, measured in “millions of dollars.” When he tried to warn Ng about it, fearing a break-in or embezzlement, he was immediately banned from working with the accounts..

Runyon’s other claims include the exchange’s refusal to pay rent for a room in his house, which the company allegedly needed to use his home address..

An ex-Kraken employee claims to have been ...

Kraken broke the contract with Runyon on August 1, 2019. He claims that this was due to the fact that he discovered the fact of deception by his head of the exchange employees regarding their right to purchase the company’s shares at a reduced price..

Runyon’s lawyer allegedly claims his home address is still being used as a contact exchange and its CFO.

Kraken Says It Cannot Comment On “Pending Legal Issues”.

An ex-Kraken employee claims to have been ...

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