Blockchain technologies will help protect automotive electronics from counterfeiting

Distributed ledger technology (blockchain) can be used not only in financial transactions using cryptocurrency, but also to control logistics processes. Semiconductor manufacturers and automakers intend to create a common system for tracking components in the coming years.

This initiative is reported by the Nikkei Asian Review. The interests of automakers in the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative alliance will be represented by about a hundred companies, including Honda Motor and General Motors, and from the side of manufacturers of semiconductor components, it will include members of the SEMI association, which already unites about 2,000 companies, including Intel. The goal of implementing the initiative is simple and clear - to create a system that allows tracking an electronic component throughout its life, from the conveyor belt to the car in which it will be used.

A barcode applied to a specific chip will allow at all stages to receive information about its movements in the logistics process, to process customs documents faster and, if necessary, track defective lots with high accuracy. Blockchain technology will help protect information from falsification. According to some reports, counterfeit semiconductor products annually bring US companies up to $ 7.5 billion in losses.

The automotive electronics market is booming. According to KPMG forecasts, by 2040 the turnover of this market will quadruple to $ 200 billion. The tools for controlling the product life cycle will be useful to all its participants. In light of the growing requirements for environmental friendliness of products, the presence of a kind of "digital passport" for each component will allow you to accurately track what carbon footprint it will leave in the production process.